Richard, Templar Priest and Knight of St Andrew has a mission to fulfil. He is the last of his kind, entrusted by King Baldwin and his family, the MacPherson clan to protect humanity, and Heaven.

He saves Ethan Henry, son of Jacob Henry, in his time - 1179. He was in the right place at the right time, but he isn't the only Being looking for Ethan.

Ethan isn't sure of his destiny. When he meets the Knight, he can feel things changing,

In his family, you only fight, but maybe Heaven has something else in mind for him.

Serendriel is a misfit Angel. Finding Ethan and getting him to safety is his last chance. Serendriel isn't like other Angels. Unfortunately for him, he falls in love with a mortal woman. Ultimately, she could be his undoing.

Antares, the Watcher, is grateful he has been chosen to protect Ethan Henry. He thought he had been forgotten about like so many of his kind.

With the Henry's, Serendriel and Antares find the one thing they have been missing, family.

Ethan Henry and Richard have to retrieve the Templar Treasure from Jerusalem, one cannot do it without the other.

The must succeed.

Heaven and all of Humanity depend on it.

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The Guardians Trilogy

The Treasure - Book  2

Stay tuned for book 3 - "The Quest"

coming soon!

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The Healer - Book 1


Kennedy has grown up around Magick, talking to the spirits of the dead and Angels. The day her family comes for her, her life changes, forever. The day she heals an Angel and ancient Prophesy is set into motion.

A fallen Angel, a brother cast into Hell, and a family that only know how to fight and protect. A Witch, a Shapeshifter and a Righteous man.

But what the Hell happened to all the Angels?

This is a classic story of Good vs Evil, which one will be triumphant?